Re-opening Safely on June 23rd, 2020

We will have new hours of operation and new routines to safely welcome you back, so you will notice some changes when you visit the library.

Summer 2020
Summer is here and we're celebrating with activities for ALL AGES- kids, teens and adults- including summer challenges, and fun programs. Visit our Events page to see all our summer programming.

Sundre Municipal Library

Story Walk

Jun 22, 2020 to Jul 31, 2020  |  Summer 2020


Go on a story adventure!

Take a short walk while you read an exciting adventure with Alberta's most beloved Great Horned Owl! 'Otis's Story', written by Erin Young, tells the tale of how Otis came to live at the Medicine River Wildlife Center.

The adventure starts right outside the front doors of the Library! Follow the pages of the book (posted in windows) around Sundre Library and River Valley School.

Guaranteed fun for the WHOLE Family!

Special thanks to Erin Young for her permission to use 'Otis's Story' in this Story Walk.