Effective September 8, our hours have changed. At this time, there are some changes to our service. 

Watch our relaunch video for an overview. 

Expect delays when ordering items from other libraries as items processed and received through inter-library mail will be quarantined throughout the process.

Note: This event is now over.

Rocky Mountain House Public Library

Dungeons and Dragons Group

Nov 10, 2020 to Nov 17, 2020  |  Every Second Tuesday, 5-7pm


Are you interested in D&D, but have never played? Join our Adventuring Party and learn from an expert DM!

The library currently hosts one ongoing D&D campaign and this is the second! We welcome drop-ins and can provide a premade character for you to explore what role playing games are all about.

If you're interested in playing, please contact us at programs.armh@prl.ab.ca